About SNEW

SNEW Telecom is officially part of the circular concept of No Time To Waste B.V. But what exactly does that mean?


SNEW is specialist in reuse of IT and telecom equipment with CSR deeply integrated in the corporate DNA. They have developed an circular model where the raw materials of existing equipment is reused instead of misused. This makes SNEW unique: where usually the equipment is being recycled immediately, we will give the equipment a second (and sometimes even third) lifecycle. This could be in Western countries or in developing countries. Problems as the raw material shortage and the e-waste issue can be solved by using our concept. This makes the SNEW concept, the concept of the future.


Did you know that in 20 years no less than 30% of the raw materials will be gone? As a result of the current consumption society, where everyone is looking to have the latest items, more products are being produced, usually unnecessary. For centuries we have exhausted our beloved planet Earth to market innovating products, without really knowing what we are doing to our planet. The raw materials are running out because they are used up instead of used again, and we will have to look for other ways to solve this problem. While, at the other side of the ocean, mountains full or raw materials are being labelled as junk.


Looking for more information? Go to www.snew.eu or talk to one of our colleagues at +31 (0)73 657 68 90.