All-inclusive services

We offer you a total solution for your used ICT equipment on a platter. Besides giving you a fair price for your depreciated ICT equipment, we have created more additional services to extend the lifecycle of your equipment as responsible as possible and to relieve our clients completely. Our one-stop-shopping services make us your all-inclusive partner for your IT and telecom.


Lifecycle services – services to extend the lifecycle of the equipment

Lifecycle services: extend the lifecycle of your equipmentMaintenance and service – we offer service contracts for the maintenance of your ICT equipment. Possible savings should not be at the expense of your availability. Nothing is more harmful than your customers not being able to reach you.

Service Parts – ICT equipment breaks down every now and then or perhaps some items need replacement. That does not have to mean the entire equipment needs replacement. By offering service parts (i.e. spare parts) the equipment is good to go for years to come.

Refurbishment – The technical and cosmetic refurbishment of ICT equipment is something we have been doing for over 20 years. Could you equipment use an overhaul? We can help you out.

Recycling – As soon as the equipment is not (able to be) functional, we will dismantle all parts and then they will be melt down to raw materials again. This way we will restock the raw materials so that they can be used for new materials. This happens according to the most recent legislations and guidelines, like WEEELABEX.


Reversed logistics services – we go a long way to relieve our clients

Reversed logistics services(un-)installation of workplaces -- you’re moving? No problem, we’re moving with you. We will uninstall the workplaces, empty the entire location and install the equipment again at your new place, if desired.

Recollection of equipment – redundant or depreciated equipment laying around? We will collect it with our own transport service.

Data removal – even if you delete your personal details of your data carrying equipment, like your computer, there is always some information left behind that you cannot delete without professional help. By using a 100 per cent trustworthy data destroy-programme, we can guarantee that there is no more information left. We will give you an official report so you can be sure that everything is deleted.

Project- and strategy support – We have finished several big and varied ICT projects so we have become extremely skilled at a huge variety of ICT project. And we are delighted to make our expertise available for everyone.

Logistics and storage facilities – tbc


Asset recovery services – maximising the worth of (un)used equipment

Asset Recovery servicesDismantling of data centresbesides (un)installation of ICT equipment, we are highly experienced in the dismantling of complete data centres. This means removing not all equipment, but all leftovers as well, to hand over the building completely empty.

Reuse of equipment – by reusing the equipment, we can maximise the worth. The sales price is a lot higher than the recycle price, naturally. Due to our extensive experience in ICT sales, we will provide you with the highest profit possible.

Scrap recovery – though they do not look like it, even discarded junk yards have value. By complete dismantling and good filtering, the items on the junk yards are still recyclable and profitable.


All these services require a mutual trust, especially the reuse and recycling of end-of-life equipment is a sensitive debate. That is why we guarantee 100 per cent transparency.


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